Focus v carta charging

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Focus v carta charging

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focus v carta charging

Pro-Tips Clean the atomizer with a rubbing alcohol pad. When you see a lot of wax build-up on the atomizer where you twist in, the Focus V Carta desktop vaporizer doesn't recognize that the atomizer is in and doesn't heat up. After you clean it, it probably heats up again. The key is to keep the atomizer clean! Check if the ceramic plate or the wire in the atomizer is damaged.

Some of our customers have reported to us that if you tighten the atomizer too hard, the ceramic in the atomizer might get damaged. If it's damaged, you have to replace it.

Carta Vape Rig Crimson by Focus V Products

The atomizer is under the manufacturer's warranty for 1 month. Check our blog about how to install the Carta Bluetooth App. Open the App and type " www. Open the Carta App. The old app had a lot of bugs and glitches. I personally don't remember how many times I had to reinstall the old app to use the Carta E-rig. So far, there is no problem at all with the new Carta iOS app. With the new app, it's easy to switch between WAX and dry herb and you can have more temperature and time settings.

I personally prefer F temperature for Wax and concentrates. What is your preferred temperature setting? Leave it in the comment area below and share it with us!Focus V continues to push the envelope forwards and now brings us the Carta, a new portable dab rig set to beat out the competition. Can the Carta stand up to the likes of the Puffco Peak and Dr. Dabber Switchor do they still reign king?

How it Works It can be a little tricky at first. Fill up the bubbler with a small amount of water first.

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You can either cold or hot load your concentrate material. To cold load, simply add a rice-grain-sized amount of concentrates into the dish. Fire up the device and choose your temperature setting. To hot load, fire up the device and let it warm up before dropping in your material! Cover the chamber with the carb cap and inhale strongly for the best results.

Temperature Flexibility As it stands, there are only four presets to choose from similar to the Utillian 5. However, this can be fixed using the smartphone app to create your own presets. The settings in between are where most users will play, we found ourselves leaning towards setting 3 most times.

With an app to control temperatures however, this evens the playing field and gives you all the versatility you could hope for. The atomizers on the Carta do terrific work!

It is able to handle a decent amount of cannabis extracts at one time while chucking out the vapor. Draws are quite smooth thanks to the bubble and it does a considerably better job than the Peak at cooling down the hits, which is a good bonus.

If you are looking for clouds abound then you may want to stick with either the metal cup. All in all, we think the vapor quality is a step up from the Puffco Peak. The device itself feels good to use and we like the fact that the Carta features removable batteries similar to the Source Orb 4 Premium Kit.

The glass is fairly standard and works well. Included in the box is the Carta itself, borosilicate carb cap, USB-C charger, batteries, wax chamber, carrying case, cleaning kit, and 1 each quartz and titanium bucket.

Battery Life The provided s each hold mAh.The Focus V Carta is a compact dabbing rig that efficiently turns your concentrates into vapor. The electronic vaporizer is a great way to immigrate from traditional dabbing with a flame torch.

Its simple operation and stable temperature make it an excellent vaporizer for amateur dabbers and experienced dabber alike. Moreover, the two included quartz and titanium inserts that allow Carta to vaporize either concentrates and herbs, respectively.

The Carta vape rig brings dabbing to the next level, the vaporizer from Focus V deserves to stand side to side with the Puffco Peak as contender due to its portable nature.

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On the other hand, it comes with two removable batteries. Practical design The Carta has a very minimalist design, containing thick borosilicate glass and gives you space for much-cooler vapor. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use the rig, thanks to its one-button operation. One cup — two inserts The Carta was developed primarily for concentrates, and the included quartz insert is perfect for concentrates of all fluidity levels as well as for dry herbs. As for the Titanium insert, it provides a slower and even heating for your waxy concentrates.

In comparison, the quartz version heats quicker, but the titanium stays hot longer. Portability Usually, dabbing devices require a lot of power because they need to reach very high temperatures quickly.

It is the reason why many e-rigs are connected to the power outlet, leading to a reduction in portability. That is not the case with the Focus V Carta as it runs on two removable batteries, which increase the portability immensely. You may get two extra batteries and swap it whenever you want or use it while plugged in. The app gives the flexibility to accomplish specific temperature control and provides extra information about the vaporizer or the duration of your sessions.

Follow the link to find further information about the Focus V Carta apps.

Focus V Nebula CARTA Electronic Smart Rig Kit - Limited Edition

High temperatures An efficient concentrate vaporizer requires higher temperatures than regular dry herb vaporizers. Other than that, it also makes cleaning easier as you may put the highest temperature to burn off any residue. The following preset temperature levels focus on concentrate vaporizing:. Check out the unboxing of the Focus V Carta in the following video where you can see all the accessories it comes with and to learn more about the device.

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focus v carta charging

Visitors who viewed this product also viewed:. Out of stock.We did a full teardown of this vaporizer so you can see what it looks like inside and out. Referred to manufacturer for warranty request.

Manufacturer has not come through and Puffitup response was you could not help. Quick shipping, great prices, and even some candy and freebies with each order. Love it. Had to talk to customer service before I ordered, they were easy to get ahold of and helpful.

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Ordered a magna v carta from them, came with some freebies along with stickers and candies. Package came a day earlier than expected.

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The next generation of Focus V products starts off with the impressively powerful Carta. Water filtration cools down your vapor for a smoother experience. Key Features: Quick heating. Our testing shows the Carta reaches the highest temp in 13 seconds 4 preset temperatures ranging between and Fahrenheit Borosilicate glass water filtration Dual replaceable3.

The battery life flashes on startup. You can press the button once anytime it is blinking to adjust the temp. Press the button once to begin heating. The lights will flash blue when heating and switch to green when ready. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Thank you for submitting a review!

Your input is very much appreciated.Ingenuity and innovation, these are the traits that keep companies like Focus V afloat. With their latest offering, Focus V Products look to revolutionize the portable dab rig platform. First, the Focus V Crimson Carta boasts a body drenched in crimson red giving it a sharp and striking vibe. The Focus V Crimson Carta is for the brave and the bold.

Under the hood, the Focus V Crimson Carta is outfitted with the same removable batteries allowing you to enjoy superior portability with the power of a portable dab rig in your hands.

focus v carta charging

The need for a power outlet is now a thing of the past, as long as you have spare batteries, you can just swap them out and keep the sessions rolling. The batteries power the device that now has a better preset temperature setting allowing you to enjoy more vapor, better flavor, all while using less material.

The new temperature profiles are tailor-fit only for the Focus V Crimson Carta. The Focus V Crimson Carta is set to revolutionize the way we use and see portable dab rigs forever. With the new technology used in this portable e-rig, you can now experience better flavor from your select material and increased vapor production without sacrificing overall vapor quality.

Silicon carbide is known to have extremely inert properties. Its durability goes as far as having been known to have no melting point making them ideal for use as a component for your atomizer. It keeps the overall integrity of the unit as strong as possible while maintaining and facilitating low-temperature vaporization. While plastic and metal may bleed chemical residue when subjected to higher temperature settings, silicon carbide retains its overall physical makeup. Just pure and clean extract from your favorite materials.

This allows you to reap the benefits your materials would have to offer. This adds to the amount of purity and clarity the Focus V Crimson Carta can yield. For consumers who are looking for a portable dab rig that looks as pure as the vapor it produces, the Focus V Crimson Carta is the dab rig of choice.

The vapor production from the new Focus V Crimson Carta is designed to literally just melt off your face. Get ready to paint the town red with the all-new Focus V Crimson Carta! The temperature profiles are made to accommodate the new capacity of the heating element making the Focus V Crimson Carta the perfect portable e-rig for those who seek more flavor out of their dabs. To top the new calibrated temperature profiles, the Focus V Crimson Carta will have an automatic second cool down phase which ensures that it does not heat above the point of combustion.

The components are made only from some of the best materials available and are made by the best craftsmen in the industry. They spared no expense in making sure that the Focus V Crimson Carta was made to perform as good as it looks. It did not earn the crimson colorway for nothing, like the brave Spartan soldiers that faced an army more than twice their size, the Focus V Crimson Carta is designed and engineered to be as relentless in vaporizing your materials.

The Focus V Crimson Carta represents raw power and the knack for it. Those who will own a Focus V Crimson Carta will be amongst the few that are seen as consumers with high standards and with high tolerance. Availability: In Stock Out of Stock. Ships same day! NOTE: For international orders that don't go through, please send an email to: support vapeactive. The Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 is outfitted with 4 preset temperature profiles which makes it a truly versatile rig that delivers unparalleled power.

The 4 different temperature profiles allow you to adjust the temperature to your liking so you can easily achieve the right result depending on your preference.

Generally, lower temperature levels yield smooth vapors with subtle effects while higher temperature levels make for harsher and hotter vapors with increased potency.

Because the Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 allows you to remove and replace the batteries in the vape rig unlike other devices that restricts you to using a built-in battery pack, you can easily enjoy longer vaping sessions and more flexible vaping patterns. No need to keep yourself tethered to a power source or a power outlet, you can simply replace the batteries when you run out of power. Having this feature allows you to use the Focus V Carta Vape Rig V2 independently unlike other devices that require you to vape in front of a power outlet.

Check out our online vape discounts and deals, and because we're the best in the industry, we'll even match the sale price of any authorized reseller you can find.

First of all it whas a very fast delivery over the Ocean. Nice device, very good looking and "soft touch" feeling body.Just recently, Focus V released one of the most advanced innovations the vaping industry has ever seen. However, the Focus V Carta Vaporizer was made to compete against the biggest names in the industry and is geared towards rising against the toughest of competition. Devices that are known for their ability to produce and deliver the best vapors, desktop vaporizers have earned themselves the title of being the golden standard in vaporization.

However, even desktop vaporizers have their own sets of limitations. The earlier versions of tabletop vaporizers were large and heavy and required the users to be tethered to a wall outlet. The Focus V Carta Vape Rig improves upon this design by giving herb and concentrate consumers the same power and vapor production we all learned to love from these desktop devices but allowed freedom of movement by eliminating wired electrical connection. Such was the advantage portable dab rigs had to offer but the Carta from Focus V has more in store.

If you think you have portable dab rigs all figured out, then the Focus V Carta Vape Rig will surprise you with some neat tricks up its sleeve. Not only does it have a rechargeable, portable power source, but the battery packs used in the Carta are both removable and replaceable. The removable batteries offer users with two vital advantages. Maintenance and portability. Having a removable battery allows you to keep your portable dab rig in top shape since one of the most stressed components in a portable vaporizer is the battery pack that supplies it with power.

Once the batteries on a portable unit deteriorates, the lifespan and longevity of the device itself also experiences a significant decline. Another notable feature the Focus V Carta Vape Rig has to offer is its downloadable mobile application. Available in both Android and IOS devices, the app lets you take temperature customization to a whole new level.

Other vaporizers in the portable dab rig category have preset or precise temperature settings, but the Focus V Carta Vape Rig combines the elements of the two and make it into one convenient means to personalize your sessions. The mobile app also provides session time calculation amongst its other features. Focus V has been active in dealing with customer inputs which is why the Carta we see today is considered by many as the V2 of the original Carta.

When other brands in the platform have been known to ignore customer correspondence, Focus V has made their presence felt in different social media platforms and online forums where both existing and potential customers can join the conversation. Focus V has held several livestreams where consumers have been able to ask questions and see the Carta Vape Rig perform in action during live sessions. Focus V supports the Carta Vape Rig with an array of accessories and attachments with upcoming custom-made glasses and carb cap covers soon to be made available for the device.

Focus V provides customers with a wide collection of replacement and upgrade components for the Focus V Carta Vape Rig which only proves to show how serious they are to their commitment to providing exceptional customer support. The Carta Vaporizer from Focus V comes with a slew of features making it the ideal vaping device for both wax concentrate and dry herb consumers.

Nevertheless, there are still a few things Focus V can improve on. Case in point, the Dr. Dabber Switch. However, in our own humble opinion, only the Carta Vaporizer can extract the best flavors from your herbs and give you the best potency from your select concentrates.

Thanks to its dedicated concentrate and herb buckets, the Carta from Focus V allows precise and custom heating that perfectly suits your select material.

Focus V CARTA USB-C Cable Charging Solution

The Focus V Carta Vape Rig comes with an inclusive carrying case which makes carrying it easy and convenient and the optional accessories are perfect for those who like to personalize their vaporizers. Our only gripe is that we felt that the Focus V Carta Vaporizer still has the potential to look better. A new study concluded that older Americans who consumed cannabis were more inclined to participate in group exercise and challenging physical activity than their non-consuming.

With July 4th upon us and organized fireworks displays having been canceled in many cities and towns due to coronavirus concerns, it seems this year.

Lester Grinspoon celebrated his 92nd birthday on June 25 and passed away in the early morning of June 26, with his wife Betsy by.The Focus V Carta Vape Rig Kit revolutionizes portable dabbing, opening up new possibilities by incorporating replaceable battery power and taking portability to its logical conclusion. Previous models of portable dab rigs still rely heavily on electrical charging, whereas the Focus V Carta can be charged through a USB like a standard portable rig or can rely on the power of two batteries.

Want to venture to the middle of the Sahara Desert on foot with a fully powered vape rig? The Focus V Carta is the only one that can deliver!

Your Focus V Carta Kit includes 2 buckets for your atomizer; one fashioned from quartz and the other from titanium. Both vape buckets can achieve higher levels of heat than the majority of competitors. The quartz bucket is perfect for quick heating and delicious hits whereas the titanium bucket holds heat longer and is rugged enough to take some abuse. No matter whether you want to enjoy delicate coldwater hash or rugged terp diamonds, you can access the perfect temperature for the job using the app.

The ergonomic design of the Focus V Carta includes a fully customizable removable glass top, making it even easier to pack up and hit the road.

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