Ac cobra kit cars to build

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Ac cobra kit cars to build

The frame is a ladder backbone with steel corrugated zinc plated floors. The body a true replica is supplied fitted to the frame with all floor pans, boot pans, inner wheel arches and bonnet, doors and boot swinging. Different stages of build-up are available right up to a complete car ready for registration.

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We do not use any subframes of the Jag suspension. The suspension arms bolt directly to the chassis, the diff bolts directly to the chassis,the diff bolts directly to the chassis, coilovers bolt directly to the chassis.

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The suspension is Jaguar front and rear which runs Ford V8 Engines. This is our small black chassis which accepts a litre engine. The doors have built-in intrusions and the chassis has mountings for single and double roll bars with under dash rollover frame.

The average person with basic skills can assemble the replica Cobra with little fuss. All units supplied do not need further development- it has all been done. The motor, suspension, gear box, steering and body mounts are mounted during production. We also have a price list of components which can be purchased from us.

Factory Five Daytona Coupe - From the Ground Up™

KIT No.Factory Five Racing was founded in We employ a full-time crew of about 40 people, and are located in Wareham, Massachusetts about an hour south of Boston. We are awaiting delivery and test fitment of the very first F9R body.

Here is a sneak peek of the…. Specifics: Two seat build-it-yourself sports car developed as our latest generation spaceframe chassis. Sub 2, lbs.

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Today, Monday March 23, the Governor of Massachusetts put in place a statewide ban on businesses that are deemed non-essential. We have decided not to allow tours or visitors here at Factory Five for at least the next two weeks…. Above: Dave Smith with customer Tim B. Many people have asked about….

Update from Dave Smith, We have tentatively rescheduled the event for September 12th, The original date of April…. Customer Rodney A. While customers were winning with…. There is no better way to honor a legacy than to continue it. Cool features like a bench seat, functional 5' truck bed, traditional doors and cab. Vintage style on the outside, and with a curb weight of 2, lbs.

A beautiful machine whose handling and performance match its good looks, our '33 Hot Rod has garnered a slew of awards and industry recognition, redefining what a modern hot rod build can be.

This car is drop-dead gorgeous and it runs with the very fastest supercars on the planet. Every drive in a GTM is accompanied by camera phones stuck out the window of other cars and thumbs up from other drivers. More than the rock star looks, this car is simply the most brutally fast machine you will ever build.

How to Build Your Cobra Kit Car on Time and On Budget

Benefiting from the latest technology in flow analysis, chassis and suspension tuning, and an optimized mid-engined design with proven Subaru boxer engine architecture, the redefines fun driving. Factory Five uses BluePrint Engines in our cars. If you have our Factory Five kit, BluePrint will sell you the running gear needed to finish your car.

Brand-new, reasonably priced, high-performance, drop-in engines that are dyno-tested with full warranty and ready to run. The Built, Not Bought Company!Are you looking for something a bit more unique?

Or maybe you love to tinker and have the desire and time to build something? If the kit car bug has already bitten you, or you're thinking of taking the plunge, don't do anything else until you've looked at all of the cars below.

These are the best of the best in the kit car world. Some of them, in fact, are amongst the best in the world, rivaling Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

There aren't enough modern spec hot rods around, and this one is not only stunning, but it's also easy to build and a good value for the money! What more could you want? How about suspension and chassis taken from Factory Five 's Challenge car? Not much really. Of course, you need the engine, transmission, and rear end. There are plenty of brand new or second-hand options on that. You need original Ford headers, but not the rest of the exhaust. You need wheels and tyres, but there are so many options as this car uses the Mustang bolt pattern.

Next is paint, which, once again, is totally up to you! Last, you need a fuel pump and battery. The replica AC Cobra is one of the most popular kit cars produced all over the world. And by looking at the Factory Five version, you can see why. It really is one of the most beautiful cars of all time! But why go for the Factory Five kit over another company? Well, how about over 10 years of building and developing experience?There is no better way to honor a legacy than to continue it.

A primal brute that will confirm all your mother-in-law's worst suspicions. There are two ways to build your Factory Five Mk4 Roadster. You can use parts from a Mustang donor car Base Kit or you can get all-new parts from us Complete Kit.

Either way you choose to build your Factory Five Roadster, we have engineered the kit to make the process of building your own car as simple and straightforward as possible. The original Factory Five Mk1 Roadster was based on the innovation of using running gear from a single donor vehicle, namely, the high-performance Ford Mustang.

The concept was, and still is, so simple. If you have our base Mk4 kit and running gear parts from a Mustang GT donor car, you already have all the parts you need to build and drive your car!

Over the years we have expanded our chassis kit to include factory-new parts as well. Our Mk4 complete kit delivers to you… well, a complete kit.

Factory Five Racing

Mk4 Frame and Chassis. You want to compare kits? Start with the frame.

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A great car starts with a great chassis. A chassis is the foundation of the house. It is both lightweight lbs. The entire cockpit, trunk and engine bay of the Factory Five Mk4 is precision laser-cut T6 aluminum, without any fiberglass structural items.

ac cobra kit cars to build

Underneath these aluminum panels, a matrix of steel tubing provides support surfaces for a close, tight-fitting installation. The artistry and strength of the Factory Five Roadster chassis would be a waste without an equally well-designed suspension and proper braking.

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Computer simulations and hundreds of hours on the track under the most extreme conditions have helped our engineers design world-class suspensions and brakes that deliver great car control.

The connection between man, machine, and road is experienced behind the wheel. People will look long and hard at the outside of your creation, so the exterior and trim of the car is as important as what is under the hood. We provide authentic British and vintage-style parts that hold up well to close scrutiny.

#1 Sports Car

The legends of the '60s were built not only from racing victories, but from tragedies as well. Back then, many basic safety features were either not used or not available. The process of evaluating whether or not this project is right for you is an important one and there are several places you can go to get accurate, truthful, and current answers to your questions. You can call us here at Factory Five at and speak to one of our guys in tech support.

You can also log onto the Internet and query thousands of Factory Five owners about their own builds and discover an entire community of helpful customers on The Factory Five Forum. The Factory Five Mk4 Roadster is the world's best-selling, best-engineered, and best-performing replica of all time.

Kit Packages. Mk4 Roadster Frame A great car starts with a great chassis. Period-Correct Shape, Made Correct. Climb into the Past. Rocket into the Future. Mk4 Exterior People will look long and hard at the outside of your creation, so the exterior and trim of the car is as important as what is under the hood.We may not be the best choice for youbut this site presents our philosophy of design and construction.

The E. Improved where you can't. The chassis is strengthened over the original design - and stiffened to reduce body shake, an important factor in an open car.

Our unique body structure is engineered to create a long-lifed body that never gets stress cracks or surface distortion. The special E.

ac cobra kit cars to build

It doesn't fieel like a kit. It feels like a real car! We know that buying any kit involves a considerable commitment of your money and time. Our goal is to protect that investment, as well as our reputation. The result: our standard kit has almost every part either hinged, latched, or fit before it leaves the E.

It's difficult to assemble this kit wrong! Our "Standard Assembly" is the most comprehensive basic kit offered by anybody. The reason for this is simple.

ac cobra kit cars to build

We are proud of what we do. We took the time to design and manufacture the best replica available and we want it to stay that way. Inconsistency dilutes the value of other kits no matter how well they were built by the customer. In fact, other marques have been falsely advertised and sold as E. Our cars have achieved a reputation of uniform high qualityensuring consistent demand and the highest market value of any replica. You'll be having too much fun driving! Either model can be changed to suit your taste with various options, as many owners of original classics have done.

Our specialty is getting all the small details just right, from the configuration of the competition jackpads to the exposed roll bar. Click here to get more visual details! Customer Image Gallery. Look throught the many variations on the ERA Roadsters. All the necessary ducting, valves and controls are included. And, by lengthening the footboxes, we have even increased the interior room without lengthening the wheelbase or widening the cockpit.

The staandard car has leg room for people up to 6'3" tall and minor modifications can add an extra one or two inches of leg room and available height. Unlike most other kits that use a single fiberglass interior tub, the E.

This is more work for us, but leaves you with less weight, more efficiency and better access. An authentic replica! Just like a real car! The shift linkage is correctly located, and we include a trim ring and boot just like the original. A replica of the original modified Ford shift handle is optional, with variations to fit Ford or Hurst linkage. Since the linkage is moved toward the back of the transmission, E. We even include tubes that extend from the tunnel to the dashboard, like the original car.

The integration of our bodyinterior panels and supporting frame creates a unique structure among kit cars. On the road, the E.Many of the car- and motorcycle-building reality shows on cable television have crazy one-week, two-week, or month-long deadlines before the vehicles have to be finished and delivered to the customer.

Accordingly, these projects are built in pro shops, whose staff of fabricators, engine maestros, electricians, body and paint pros, and interior artisans might number well into the double digits. What we do have is an endless amount of enthusiasm for the work with a pretty decent background of having owned and operated several enthusiast automobiles over the years.

But our collective savings accounts, like many people in these challenging economic times, are stretched to the limit. Starting with the body on the chassis, the Stewart Transport driver and Dad began to unload our kit.

I suspect that you are faced with the same constraints and, therefore, a limited budget necessitates careful planning and attention to the details of the project. W get the job done one way or another because, in addition to being gearheads practically from birth, the three of us are pretty darn stubborn. The problem is that at least two of us—the two doing the most work—also tend to procrastinate about being organized, fastidious, and proactive. I actually do not put off writing most of the time.

Perhaps if I had an immense bank account, I might have a different perspective. I wonder if my wife would have permitted my storing all the engine components and some of the FFR Mk4 Complete Kit boxes in the living room.

Perhaps I was lucky to be single at the time of the build. The fun and easy part to this build project for us is working in the garage.

ac cobra kit cars to build

But the building can only occur when you have all the components needed, coupled with the right tools for doing the job at hand. So proper planning means that we actually get to the fun and easy stuff—you know, turning wrenches and riveting aluminum panels in our three-car garage turned Cobra factory.

Most of the kit arrived in April and we planned on being done with the project by the following June. Your overall time frame may be longer or shorter, and you may find some of the procedures more challenging than others.

But hang in there; the prize is worth the work! Like most of us, you have visions of jamming through the gears with the top down, carving through a challenging set of turns, and listening to the sweet song of the V-8s exhaust notes exiting the side pipes. But between now and that moment, a considerable amount of work needs to be done. Therefore, you can reach your goal of a professional-grade assembly and do it on time and on budget.

Most of us know of avid enthusiasts who had grandiose dreams of restoring and building their own car. These people had the best intentions only to run out of time, money, and patience. This is something we want you to avoid. Most FFR Cobra replica kits have a solid live rear axle. Also, we wanted our car to accurately emulate the original.

Cool-looking upper rear control arms, half shafts, hub carriers, and hubs. You need to develop a cohesive assembly plan, set priorities, create project budgets, and project completion dates. While these aspects can adjust within reasonable parameters, establishing your priorities and assembly plan will see you through to completion of your kit. The best and most effective way to plan, organize, and manage your project is with data and spreadsheet software.

I am not suggesting that this takes learning a bunch of new programs, but rather that you make use of common programs on the market, such as Microsoft Excel. It may seem that spending the time to organize all the information in these programs is taking away from the actual assembly time.

Build your own Cobra replica

The reality is that time invested in planning and organization is going to save you time, money, and frustration down the road. The assembly manual for any kit is a good guide to the entire assembly process, and therefore is an excellent resource for planning project task completion, setting critical procedures, projecting time deadlines, setting budgets, and other aspects of the project. Our Factory Five Cobra Mk4 manual proved to be invaluable throughout the project.

You can also consult directly with the manufacturer of your Cobra kit, for specific procedural, time budget, and money budget suggestions, so you can put together a strong assembly plan.By definition, a Factory Five Cobra is a kit car. You pay a set price, and at some point in time a big brown truck pulls up to your house and unloads a couple of very large boxes full of parts made of fiberglass and steel. But for decades, "kit car" meant missing parts, shoddy workmanship, horrible chopper-gun fiberglass, and a bundle of parts destined to gather dust in the garage with no realistic hope of getting put together.

If that's how you define a kit car--and many people do--then a Factory Five Cobra needs a different label, as it comes complete as advertised, and if you can't finish it in a year or so Factory Five Racing FFR owner David Smith realizes that the general public views his Cobra roadster as a kit car, but he has no shortage of customer referrals to debunk the negativity of that label.

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And after touring the factory, driving several different variations on the FFR Cobra, following along as Muscle Car Restorations MCR built one for us, and talking to many of the customers who have built cars by themselves, it's pretty obvious that FFR is in another league, rising far above the stigma that has befallen kit cars since those dark days of the VW Bug-based trash that belittled the genre.

The basic premise behind the FFR Cobra is light years ahead of the competition. Those missing parts, however, come from the darling of the aftermarket and junkyards alike--every Mustang built between and Get a wrecked 5. It really doesn't get much easier, considering you're building a car from scratch. To prove the durability of his cars, Smith worked out a deal with HOT ROD wherein we would build one of his cars to our own specs, and then thrash the living bejeezus out of it at our bidding.

So we took him on and had a kit delivered to the anal-retentive and we say that in the most kind way pros at Muscle Car Restorations in Wisconsin. Over the course of only a few months, MCR's John Balow and his boys turned our FFR Cobra from three boxes of parts into a running, driving, fire-breathing Cobra that would make Carroll Shelby if not proud, at least a little jealous.

We'll let the cat out of the bag and tell you that the car is already done as we go to press with this issue. Did it live up to its reputation?

You'll have to wait until next month to learn that. This month, we'll show you what's involved in building one of these cars yourself in your own garage. Before we gild the lily too much, understand that you need to know your way around a wrench and rivet gun before taking on a project of this sort, but you also don't need to be a NASCAR Cup-level fabricator.

It's a little bit beyond a complete bolt-together deal, and there are a few things that you'll probably need to farm out, most notably bodywork and paint. But it's certainly something that the average hot rodder can accomplish. And since it's much easier to build one of these cars after you've already done it before, FFR sponsors a three-day class at Mott community college in Howell, Michigan, where students go through the process of building one. Students range from professional mechanics to soccer moms, so you don't need to be intimidated.

Check back next month when we put the finished car on the chassis dyno, on the road, on the dragstrip, and around a few curves at speed. Rob Kinnan writer Muscle Car Restorations photographer.

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